Elite food Prep

Formulated to help give athletes and sports people that edge, Elite Food Prep (EFP) focuses on creating the optimum nutritional conditions for peak performance.

Understandably, given the busy lives we all lead, nutritional, balanced and tasty meals are often lacking in the average adult’s life.

EFP is a great solution to help solve this challenge. We create delicious, chef prepared meals packed with nutritional benefits to get and keep you on track.

How does it work?

You can combine the Elite Food Prep service with personal nutrition coaching or use it as a stand alone meal plan.

Menus will be appearing on this site soon, meanwhile if you would like to get an EFP quote, do get in touch.

How was
EFP created?

Ross met premiership rugby player, Chris Brooker through a player/coach partnership. Both knew from their own experiences that for most clubs nutrition is not a top focus – rather they operate on the basis that a plate of rice, chicken and broccoli will get you to the top.

Through their chef/ player backgrounds Ross and Chris set about changing this and developed Elite Food Prep (EFP).

About Ross:

Ross has played rugby from childhood, up to England Schools level as well as capping internationally whilst living abroad.

Using his chef and nutrition coaching knowledge Ross wants to evolve how meal prep food is used.

About Chris:

Chris started playing rugby as a four year old for his dad’s local club, before moving to Bristol to play for Cleve. Later contracted to Bath, his Pro Rugby journey began, during which he won a premiership title, LV Cup and a European cup, as well as representing England on multiple occasions.

Chris’s rugby career was ended by a severe knee injury following which his interest in nutrition and food was born to rehabilitate himself in order to fulfil his life both professionally as a rugby coach and personally.