Private Chef

An award-winning Chef, Ross Rochelle understands the importance of ensuring each and every plate of food that he prepares for his clients is exceptional.

Ross personally crafts custom-tailored menus from locally sourced, sustainable produce, meaning that quality is uncompromised.

Whether you’re looking for someone to deliver delicious food for your dinner party, holiday, aboard your yacht or longer term at a private residence, Ross can help.

dinner parties and events

As a private chef with Michelin star and wide ranging restaurant experience, Ross will work alongside you to ensure your event is a total success, creating exciting and vibrant menus emulating the epitome of luxury dining.

Whether taking the lead or working with you, he will craft a menu that is just right for your dinner party, and perfectly complements any themes you may have in mind.

Holiday Chef

Hiring Ross as a holiday chef means that you can sit back and relax without having to worry about what you are going to eat. From the moment you arrive at your destination, the fridge will be stocked with fresh, locally sourced ingredients ready to be whipped up into something special.

Whether you're looking for an indulgent feast everyday or with the inclusion of healthier options Ross will work closely with you to ensure the holiday delivers everything you could have hoped for from a culinary point of view.

As well as cooking delicious meals tailored to your preferences and dietary requirements, if you’re on holiday in the Cotswolds, Ross can always point you in the right direction of great local pubs and eateries.

Private yacht Chef

Having worked extensively on private yachts, catering for the great and the good, Ross knows what it takes to deliver Michelin quality food in this specialised catering environment. He will consistently deliver stunning plates of food using the incredible ingredients available in and around your schedule, as well as catering to the nutritional requirements of all the guests on board.

Private Residence Chef

Ross offers an unparalleled level of personalised service tailored entirely to you. With his expert culinary skills and deep understanding of nutrition, he is able to craft sumptuous meals for you and your family that are not only delicious but also healthy.

Whether you have dietary restrictions or simply prefer certain types of cuisine, Ross will work closely with you to create menus that exceed your expectations, whilst also taking care of the shopping and kitchen maintenance.

From elegant dinner parties to casual weeknight meals, Ross provides a bespoke culinary experience, where flavourful food meets impeccable service in the comfort of your own home.