Nutrition Coach

Welcome to your personalised, supportive coaching programme – designed to provide you with comprehensive knowledge and guidance on achieving optimal health or supporting your personal nutrition goals.

Whether you want to boost energy levels, gain muscle, achieve a sporting goal, increase or decrease weight or simply feel great from the inside out – this coaching programme will provide all the resources you need.


Initial Assessment

We begin your coaching journey with an in-depth exploration of your current dietary habits, lifestyle, health or fitness goals and any specific needs or concerns you may have in order to discover whether coaching is the right fit for you. Please Note: if there are any known serious medical conditions, these could be outside of the scope of a nutrition coach.

Coaching programmes include:

‘Check-ins’ – Regular scheduled meetings to discuss how you feel, results (if applicable) and tasks to achieve moving forward. Ross will encourage, listen and support you every step of the way. These check-ins are also designed to educate you about nutrition in order for you to feel empowered to make significant positive changes to your life.

Customised Meal Plans – you will receive suggested meal plans that can help towards meeting your specific needs.

Recipe Ideas and Cooking Tips – receive cooking tips from a chef to ensure you get the most out of your ingredients and cooking techniques. Cooking elements in the best way is highly beneficial to your overall nutrition.

Elite Food Prep

If cooking really isn’t your bag, you’re time poor or you feel simply too overwhelmed Ross offers a separate food prep service to a help you on your way.